It is amazing all the options out there to create a web site for your business. There are some good, solid create your own programs. GoDaddy even has a “create a site in a night” program.

With all the options out there – do I think I will continue to get business? Yes – small businesses don’t always want to take on the challenge of navigating the web. Some businesses are not  comfortable with setting up the server space, creating the website, maintaining the website. That is what DesktopETC can do for you – we can take the worry out of creating your site,  with an option to maintain your website.

There are lots of options out there for small businesses or personal websites — but if you are puzzled or lost — find someone (if not us) to help you create that site. Another option is let us create the website for you – create it with a program that let’s you do ALL the updates/editing, whether that is daily or weekly, but you control what is on your site. WordPress is a great option that lets you edit and update your own site.

Having a website is a crucial, inexpensive way to promote your business! It’s really not an option in this day and age – it is a must! It’s a very economical communication/marketing tool!

Bartering is a great way to get you a great website – at a low cost to you!  WordPress is an option to keep your site up to date easily!